• AVMATRIX TS3019 Wireless Multi-Camera Tally System

    • 1 x Tally Box, 6 x Tally Lamps
    • Support 433Mhz wireless or wired tally connection
    • Up to 200m wireless connection distance (line-of-sight)
    • The tally box with multiple interfaces including GPIO/USB/RS-485/RS-232
    • GPIO compatible with AVMATRIX and other video switchers
    • Compatible with VMix via USB type-c
    • Wireless PTZ camera control via RS-232/RS-485 pass through
    • Up to 16 tally lamps can be supported
    • Both front and rear indicators on the lamps with 4-level adjustable brightness
    • Visible signal strength and battery status on the tally lamp
    • Tally lamp can be powered by USB type-c or 18650 li-ion battery
    • 1/4 inch hot shoe for tally lamp installation
    650,00  inc. VAT

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